The Shocking Relapse of Dax Shepard

This past week, on September 21, Dax Shepard released an episode titled, ‘Day 7’ on his popular podcast, ‘the Armchair Expert’. The actor is most popularly known for his role in the popular NBC comedy-drama series Parenthood. Over the years Shepard has been very outspoken about his past struggles with alcohol and cocaine addiction. He recently celebrated the milestone of 16 years of sobriety with public congratulations from his two daughters, wife actress Kristen Bell, and co-podcast host Monica Padman.

Back in 2012, Shepard was in a motorcycle accident and experienced multiple injuries. At the time he was prescribed the opioid painkiller, Vicodin, for the associated pain. His wife, Kristen was the only one permitted to administering the medication and Shepard took the painkillers responsibly. At a later date, he began to care for his father dying from cancer who took his own set of prescription medications.

Shepard admitted to having begun to give his father Percocet and deciding to take the opioids he had been prescribed from the accident at the same time. After taking more than the recommended amount of opioids he began worrying that he was relapsing and opened up to Kristen about his worries. Shepard ended up being okay and moved forward.

He suffered more injuries this year and recently began purchasing painkillers. When Shepard began lying to the people closest to him about his shady drug use, he knew that he needed to quit. “I was just very scared and I felt very, very lonely” Shepard expressed on the podcast episode. In recent weeks he opened up to his wife and podcast host, giving them all of the pills he had, after attempting to get clean in private.


Coming Clean and Apologizing

During the episode, Shepard apologized to the public, explaining that he was “embarrassed” of expressing his addiction to painkillers due to his ego and his public sobriety being such an inspiration to many people. He also explained that he didn’t want it to affect his wife’s experiences in the press and was sorry for involving many people in this situation.

Shepard was seven days sober when he recorded the episode of the podcast on Monday the 21st. He voiced that he is still “very proud” of being 16 years sober from alcohol and cocaine, adding, “I now feel again like my life’s going to get better.”

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