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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is an ideal option for individuals who do not need intensive inpatient care. For some, an outpatient drug treatment program is a better choice based on lifestyle and their needs. Typically, outpatient substance abuse treatment follows one’s initial stay in a residential care facility. After they have completed inpatient treatment, they transition into an outpatient facility to continue along their journey of overcoming addiction.

While any recovery plan includes schedule and routine, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment offers unique flexibility that is important to developing sober habits that will last a lifetime. Individuals who choose to get help through outpatient drug and alcohol treatment rely on three main components offered in the facility:

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Psychiatric Services

Whether a person lives on-site or at home, outpatient treatment will provide a person with a schedule for their attendance at outpatient treatment. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are a form of intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment that usually combines education, recreation, and therapy, that works within one’s schedule and daily activities.

One of the most beneficial aspects of PHP lies in the independence of the program. Attending meetings, therapy sessions, and group activities means that one’s treatment depends on active participation in PHP. While addressing the daily stresses of life, the independence of the program promotes sober living and provides an introduction to life without drug and alcohol use.

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Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

For some, PHP offers the best of both worlds – guidance in pursuit of sobriety and normalcy of everyday life. This balance is imperative to establishing patterns of sober living that will benefit one well beyond their time in the program. Outpatient care offers three core services:



Support Network

All three core pillars, therapy, education, and a support network, are essential to recovery. A person can utilize individual, group, and family therapy to address their substance use and co-occurring disorders. Medical care rounds out the services offered, and continued education will engage a person throughout the care continuum. Finally, a network of support serves to connect like-minded individuals in their recovery.

Some of the most notable benefits of outpatient drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • Option to live at home
  • More cost-effective than an inpatient program
  • Increased autonomy compared to inpatient treatment, which proves to be instrumental in continued sobriety after the program is completed
  • Ability to be flexible with a daily schedule
  • Option to continue attendance in school, work, and other commitments
  • An effective way to treat mild drug and alcohol addiction

The benefits above outline the primary reasons why someone would choose to enter into an outpatient rehab program. From flexibility to daily freedom, this option is perfect for those who have either completed an inpatient program or are confident in their ability to stick to sobriety in this treatment method.

Some may participate in outpatient treatment without going through an inpatient program. It is advisable to work with an addiction professional to determine if this is the appropriate treatment course for a successful recovery.

Finding the Best Outpatient Rehab for You

Determining which outpatient treatment program is right can be difficult. With various factors, one should speak with a recovery specialist to understand what will best serve their path toward sobriety.

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