Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin – Sex Addiction and The Good Fight




Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are an American love story. The singer/actress and former football player became engaged in December 2014 and had a fairytale wedding in May 2015.  Shortly thereafter, they announced the news that they were expecting their first child born in January 2016 and Jana gave birth to their second child in November 2018. Then, a few short months later, they announced a separation. The news broke that Caussin had been cheating with multiple partners which he was attributing to sex addiction.


Sex addiction is a compulsive disorder much like any other addiction. It is a chronic and progressive condition that impacts the individual and those around them. There is a lot of shame and stigma surrounding the condition and it is misunderstood. Due to the chronic nature, recurrence (relapse) can happen. In a time where every celebrity infidelity is viewed through a public lens, it can be difficult for people to receive help when their behavior is on the latest episode of TMZ.  Even without the publicity, it is just as difficult to break through the stigma and receive help.


Not all people have the same behaviors, for some, it is chronic masturbation, obsessive pornography consumption, or even compulsive love relationships. No matter the behavior, it is important for loved ones to understand it as an illness. As with any compulsive disorder, family members are impacted. It is okay to love someone with sex addiction and still stop enabling and excusing their actions.


To this end, Jana and Mike have chosen to go public with their challenges and their recovery. During a 2017 podcast, Mouthing Off, she confirmed her commitment to her marriage. She revealed that she did stay for her daughter, stating “I stayed in the beginning for Jolie so that I could say to my daughter, ‘I tried everything to keep this family together.’ Now, I’m not sacrificing my happiness,” she noted. “If I was miserable, I would not still be in a relationship with my husband. But we’ve continued to grow.” Later that year, they reaffirmed their vows to one another to let the past stay in the past and use it to become better individuals and better parents.  


This did not mean everything was fixed or that Caussin was cured. In March 2019, on Jana’s podcast Whine Down, she revealed that her husband had relapsed in 2018. While he didn’t have sex outside of the marriage, Caussin stated, “I’m not minimizing cheating because we have other things in Jan and [my] discussion of boundaries that’s cheating. But no sex outside of the marriage. I just want people to be clear that there wasn’t any other affair since that moment.”


Sexual compulsion is a difficult topic. Few have chosen to be open about the illness and the possibility of recovery. The couple has recently released a book, The Good Fight. Written from each person’s point of view, they bring humor, compassion, and hope to couples and others dealing with sex addiction. Emphasizing respect, kindness, humor, and faith they continue to battle it out and offer hope to anyone dealing with sexual addiction.

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